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Microblading or microshading

Very realistic, microblading is a tattoo performed with a hand-held tool fitted with super fine needles in order to obtain a very natural look.

Microblading Success

Microblading is already a resounding success across the world and suits men as well as women. The objective of microblading is to get a very natural and subtle effect by drawing 3D ultrafine hair by hair eyebrows, closest to natural eyebrows.

Microblading revolution

Microblading is a technique of manual pigmentation of the eyebrows which allows the drawing of very fine hair that look really natural. Little hair strokes (hair by hair) are performed and the result is immediate. The new hair are so fine and appear so real that they are impossible to distinguish  from the real hair.

Define the shape of the eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows is define using points of reference and rules based on the morphology of your face.

The color of the pigment will be selected according to your natural skin tone and taking into account the color of your own eyebrows.

The pigment will then be inserted between the epidermis (upper layer) and the dermis (deep layer) with a hand-held tool, we do not use any machine.

“ I am really satisfied

because the result is so natural.

I regained a beautiful, well drawn line. My eyebrows have a nice tip

and are thicker just like I want them.

In short, it’s absolutely natural

and improves my look ”.

How Long Microblading Lasts?

Microblading is a technique called "ephemeral" or semi-permanent which will last from 6 to 12 months depending on your skin type, your age and you lifestyle.

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