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Sanitary Protection

Orise Senkbeil


In order to continue to exercise permanent make-up safely (dermopigmentation) while respecting Health Canada regulations, we are outlining below the additional infection prevention and control practices implemented at our institute to protect everybody’s health.


Permanent makeup has been offered since June 15, 2020 and only the person receiving the service will be allowed on the premises.

At the reception

A hand gel disinfectant is available and must be used by customers (99.99 elimination of germs ‘’ AGAPE manufacturing ’’). The customer receives a bag for storing personal effects, a mask, disposable gloves and a protective covering. A place is designated to fill in certain documents, consultation and additional information forms. After obtaining answers to his/her questions and receiving all the information relating to permanent makeup  shape, color, sample photos, etc. ; the client must sign a mutual consent prior to the carrying out of the procedure.

The session takes place in an area specially reserved for the procedure

All sterilized, disinfected supplies and clean equipment are kept in this well-lit and well-ventilated area.

All the storage cabinets are closed, the surfaces are made of smooth, non-porous and easy-to clean materials: work table with glass surface, ergonomic chair for the technician and reclining chair for the client.

In the event of a power failure, we are provided with an inverter (current source) so the session is uninterrupted until the end of the permanent makeup operation.

Orise Senkbeil, your technician, uses visor, mask, preventive glasses, medical gloves, and interchangeable lab coats.

Hand washing is required before and after wearing disposable gloves.

Oral and written instructions for home care are given at the end of the procedure.

Prevention of contamination of instruments and materials

The institute owns 2 units of all essential devices

- Devices for performing permanent makeup (Swiss Liner Top Sensi)

- Magnifiers, High Frequency (antibacterial)

- Sterile hygiene module (disposable cartridge)

- Plastic coating is used on all instruments and containers, these films are disposable and renewed with each new intervention.


Disinfection and cleaning of instruments - products used

SANIBLEND rTu (Health Canada approved) effective against sras to inactivate the new coronavirus 2019 (sras-covid-2) (the virus that causes covid-19).

PREMPT wipes cleaning and disinfecting products Virox Technologie inc. Oakville Ont.

ALCOHOL Isopropyl at 70% Distilled water Demineralized WATER


Produced by Orise Senkbeil

Reference: Health Canada's Infection Control Guide

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