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Tips / Hygiene

Recommendations before your pigmentation


- Well moisturize your skin 3 days before (cream or milk)
- Do not have facials (peeling, peeling, etc. ;)
- Not exposed to sun or UV


Recommendations after your pigmentation

Pigmentation causing a small break in the skin, care must be started the same day to avoid any complications.

Regularly apply a healing cream or petroleum jelly to the treatment area 3 to 5 times a day for a week or whenever the area is dry. It is very important to keep the area always hydrated to promote healing and keep the pigment in place.

Ne vous exposez pas au soleil ni aux UV durant une semaine, le cas échéant, appliquer de l’écran total ou mettre des lunettes qui recouvrent les sourcils.

Do not expose yourself to sunlight or UV for a week, if applicable, apply full screen or put glasses that cover the eyebrows.

Avoid putting water on your permanent makeup during the healing process. Avoid immersion under water while showering.

Avoid any source of irritation or infection, heat, humidity: sauna, steam room, swimming pool, hair dryer, bath ....

Do not apply permanent makeup cream or exfoliators or hard cleaners during the healing process (5 to 10 days)

Do not make up the pigmented area.

Sports activities such as bodybuilding, aerobics should be postponed a few days after the procedure.

After micropigmentation, the pigment starts to oxidize for 3-4 days, which makes it darker. The initial color comes back after a few days

Do not scratch the area, do not tear off small dander that may form, it may cause skin damage or loss of color.

The behavior of the pigments depends on the implantation but especially of your defense system. The average hold is 2 years, but the color can be denatured, a retouch will rejuvenate your pigmentation. (Every 14 months or so)




Hygiene is a basic rule to be respected when practicing micropigmentation. All services are performed under strict hygiene conditions.

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