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Pigments  Li PIGMENTS

A high quality of hygiene

for permanent makeup.

The ultra-modern production laboratory of

Li PIGMENTS, is equipped to handle permanent pigment production formulas with the most advanced techniques.

Li PIGMENTS does not skimp on the control of manufacturing which is subject to strict guidelines. The processing and production equipment are ultra modern and rigorously controlled. They make it possible to recreate exactly all the shades of colors and to meet the quality standards of the product intended for customers.

Tests and analyzes

Li PIGMENTS products are very reliable, therefore safe and without risk to health. Their behavior and color remain unchanged over time. All pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards of purity and have been tested to conform to their specificities.

Li PIGMENTS is subject to stringent quality standards checks that follow all cosmetic manufacturing protocols.

Through testing and research in the application laboratory, Li PIGMENTS has developed an exceptional range of micro pigments and cosmetic pigments, both organic and inorganic


All permanent cosmetic pigments (iron oxide, D & C and FD & C) are products used from ingredients that are certified and approved for use in topical applications according to the "Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act ".

As for the inks and dyes used for cosmetic tattoos, they are considered as "color additives" under the "Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act".

Li PIGMENTS pigments and our Swiss Color equipment give you maximum security

The devices of Swiss Color

The new "Sensi" devices offer the highest level of safety and hygiene, optimum results and the most advanced technology on the market.


Orise beauty salon in Montreal uses Swiss Color permanent makeup equipment

The most obvious benefits:

   The "sensi drive" function measures the resistance of the skin

   Ideally suited for the solution of medical and skin problems

  Compatible with Lift MESO hygiene modules

  Can draw beautiful hair

  Automatically detects the connected hygiene module

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