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Permanent Makeup


Expert in Permanent Makeup

Esthetician, morphologist and painter, Orise Senkbeil is a master in dermography and permanent makeup specialist for more than 35 years.


Careful and perfectionist, Orise combines an innate sense of aesthetics with a professionalism enriched by many years of experience.


His perfect knowledge of pigments allows him to compose the best chromatic mixtures.


Performs face dermography by implanting into the dermis with disposable sterilized needles, organic pigments and dyes approved by Health Canada

The fundamental bases of Permanent Makeup

  • Know the skin

  • Know how to draw the shapes of eyebrows, eyes and lips in harmony with the face (morphology)

  • Ensuring the result of the final color in the long term after pigmentation (colorimetry)

  • Make a safe and efficient choice of organic and inorganic pigments

  • To obtain equipment of a current technique

  • Ensure total asepsis

What is Permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is an art that must be practiced by a beautician with an artistic talent. She must be perfectionist and know how to compose with the colors to choose for sure the good tone that will go to the person who entrusts his face and this, whatever the realization: eyebrows, lips, eyes, scar and camouflage wrinkles.

Permanent makeup allows you to correct your appearance and become part of your features and your complexion. It revives your eyes by giving the illusion of a thickening of your eyelashes, framed by harmonious eyebrows, and a smile on the engaging lips.

Who is the permanent makeup and the


  • Active and sporty women who are short of time

  • To people who have no more eyebrows or are sparse

  • To women who have a dexterity problem

  • For presbyopic women for whom it is impossible to wear makeup without glasses

  • Men and women suffering from alopecia areata

  • For women who want to enlarge, slim or emphasize their lips

  • For people who want to hide scars, stains, burns, vitiligo ...

  • People who have lost eyebrows after chemotherapy

  • Men and women who want to reduce facial wrinkles

  • For people who want a makeup face at all times

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