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Maquillage Permanent



You have suffered

a permanent makeup missed?

It happens unfortunately and very often that people have gone through the wrong hands and end up with asymmetrical eyebrows that have turned color, an out-of-focus eyeliner, a dark and uneven lip contour.

The lure of gain pushes some unscrupulous professionals to offer tantalizing benefits in permanent makeup without having the necessary skills to practice.


It is therefore essential that the dermopigmentation technician knows how to draw perfectly, know the morphology, master the theory of colors and have advanced knowledge of the skin.

Catch up on a permanent makeup missed

If the permanent makeup missed more than 3 months, it is possible to correct by brightening the missed area of the skin. It will be possible later to redraw the permanent makeup desired initially.

Several sessions may be necessary depending on the intensity of the color and the pattern that remains.

Important information

Never allow that we proceed to the introduction of pigments into the skin before having seen, then validated the drawing beforehand!


A good dermopigmentologist must know how to draw perfectly, know anatomy, master color theory and have acute knowledge of skin.


Indeed, a true artistic gift is essential to the practice of cosmetic dermography or permanent makeup, but it can not be learned during a training of a few days.


Whether beauticians or doctors, the risks involved remain the same. Dermography is above all an art.

After the session:

You will have to respect a protocol which will be given to you by the beauty institute Orise.

What is the price

In the case of a permanent makeup missed, each problem is unique. The number of sessions required may vary depending on the areas and skin types. Also it is necessary to meet our experts in order to obtain a quote.

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