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Maquillage permanent des lèvres

Permanent makeup lips

The permanent makeup of the lips allows us to obtain a volume, plump, hem the outline of the lips, hide an unsightly scar and balance asymmetrical lips.


We choose the color closest to that of the mucous membrane to enhance the mouth. By redrawing the contours, we obtain optically more volume, we can also pigment the complete mucosa of the lips for an even more glamorous effect. Natural or more sophisticated layout according to your tastes.

Why opt for the

permanent makeup of the lips?

Just like the eye contour, lips are among the first areas of the face to suffer from aging, so make a complete analysis to balance symmetry before pigmentation.



- Correct the inequalities of the lip

- Increase the lower and upper lip

- Reassemble the commissures descended with time

- Add relief on the edge of the upper lip to create a light.

Arc de cupidon, effet lumière

Cupid's bow is the arc drawn on the edge of the upper lip.


This consists of applying a thin line of light color above Cupid's bow to emphasize it and give an irresistible glamor! Ideal with a natural gradient outline.

The procedure of

permanent makeup of the lips

The first step is to trace the outline of the lip with a pencil.

Once the client and the technician have agreed on the outline and the color, the pigments are introduced at the edge of the lips.


To increase the naturalness, a color gradient is needed to melt the border with the inside of the lip.

Those who wish to increase the volume of their lower or upper lips will be entitled to additional pigmentation. Indeed, the entire area that is located between the pencil line and the lip itself is also pigmented. In all cases, the technician and his client agree on the desired shade and the latter must imperatively blend naturally with the initial color of the mouth.

The pigments used are guaranteed 100% natural. To date there has been no risk of rejection or intolerance. The visibility of the pigmentation is about 3 years, depending on the intensity of the chosen color. Thus, retouching is recommended once a year to maintain the quality of the pigmentation. Note that dark pigmentation will last longer than clear pigmentation.

To know:

Once the procedure is over, having red lips and a little swollen is quite normal.


For about two weeks, it will be necessary to apply antiseptic lotion on the lips and to coat them with a moisturizing ointment recommended.


In all cases, it is strongly recommended to avoid the sun during healing, because it prevents the fixing of pigments.

the same day                   outlined outline                          naturel                           arc de Cupidon

Duration of the realization of the lips:

From 03:00 to 05:00


Skin type:

It is not all skin types that can take pigments due to melanin (for black skin, the pigments used must be intense color otherwise permanent makeup will not be noticed).


Before pigmentation:

Herpes outbreaks in the mouth may be favored by pigmentation in clients with the virus. A specific preventive treatment may be offered by your doctor.


After the pigmentation:

You leave with a post-pigmentation care kit consisting of tampons, a healing ointment (to be used on all pigmented areas) and an antibiotic ointment


full lips

By appointment only

From Wednesday to Saturday inclusively

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