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Maquillage permanent eyeliner


Permanent makeup of the eyes

Permanent makeup of the eyes (eyeliner) helps to intensify the look. Different colors are possible: Black, Black Gray, Black Brown, Black Green, Black Blue, Brown, Navy.

Permanent eye makeup (shadow) can be added under the eye line. Suggested colors: brown, taupe, mocha, suede, olive, copper, sand, peach.

The most important is the natural. It is an enhancement of the eyes, the look, so the makeup should not be detectable.

During permanent eye makeup, we will work on the surface of the epidermis to obtain a result that will fade with the years thanks to cellular regeneration. Important to know: do not have eyelash extensions on the day of permanent makeup. There is no risk of doing them later.


It must be understood that tattooing techniques can not be used around the eyes because they are too fragile areas; the skin is fine.


The procedure of

permanent eye makeup

The first thing to do is to determine the pattern and the color of the permanent make-up taking care to choose a natural pigment.


Following an agreement, we proceed to the introduction of mineral pigments millimeters per millimeter

The pigments used

The pigments used are guaranteed 100% natural. To date there has been no risk of rejection or intolerance. The visibility of the pigmentation is about 3 years and the quality of the chosen color of a year. Thus, a first retouch is recommended every 2 years to maintain the quality of the pigmentation. Note that a dark pigmentation will last longer than a clear pigmentation, everything depends on the complexion of the skin.

How long does permanent makeup last

The duration varies between 3 and 5 years depending on the quality of the skin, the color and the thickness of it. Then we can choose to maintain it every 2 years to keep it or wait until it fades completely.

PHOTOS (eyeliner)

Duration of the realization of the eyes: 

From 02:00 to 03:00


Skin type:

All skin types.


After the pigmentation

You leave with a post-pigmentation care kit consisting of tampons, a healing ointment (to be used on all pigmented areas) and an antibiotic ointment.

By appointment only

From Wednesday to Saturday inclusively

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